Level Devil
Level Devil

Level Devil

Play Level Devil and let the seemingly innocent platformer surprise you with devious secrets. Think you can beat these devilish challenges? Prove it!

Level Devil - NOT A Troll Game!

Prepare to have your patience pushed to the brink as you dive into Level Devil - the ultimate test of your gaming prowess! This ain’t your stroll in the park; it’s a rollercoaster ride through uncertainty and danger. Even if you’ve conquered the toughest platformers out there, Level Devil will have you scratching your head and gritting your teeth.

From the deceptively innocent beginnings to the heart-pounding climax, every step will be a battle against the odds. Sneaky challenges and traps lurk around every pixelated corner, ready to trip up even the most seasoned players. Do you have what it takes to rise above the chaos and emerge victorious? So grab your controller, summon your courage, and prepare to embark on the gaming adventure of a lifetime. Level Devil awaits, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Are you ready to unleash your inner brilliant adventurer?

Explore the Fantastic but Weird Adventure

Level Devil is an entrancing platform game that you should not miss. This game’s underground adventures promise to bring unique experiences and may make you angry. However, the appeal also comes from the gameplay, which is different from the rest of the game world. Please understand the uncertain rules of this challenge before starting your never-ending experience!

Grasp the Game Rules

  • You will play the role of an adventurer who dares to face all challenges.
  • The task is to control the main character to move through the terrain to reach the door.
  • Deep holes and sharp spikes are typical obstacles, the premise for all hazards on the journey.
  • Level Devil includes 16 doors, of which the last one is called the demon king’s area. Each door includes five stages with equivalent puzzles with increasing difficulty.
  • Players need to unlock stages and doors one by one to reach the devil’s area and face the most dangerous challenge. If you exit while playing, you will have to start again from the first stage of that section.
  • You will officially become the number one adventurer in this platform world when you clear all of the most extreme levels.

Numerous Types of Dangers

  • Sinks: This is the most common type of obstacle in Level Devil. You can encounter situations with deep holes at any level. These hazards can sink or move suddenly, leaving you unable to move in time.
  • Sharp spikes: Like sinkholes, sharp spikes also appear densely during the character’s journey. They can be motionless, moving, even moving automatically, or flying into the air.
  • Teleporting wall: This is a type of obstacle that appears suddenly in the terrain and will automatically rush straight towards the character. They can push your adventurer down a cliff.
  • Mysterious dots: You will not know the characteristics of these objects unless you experience them. They can be used as steps, but they can also cause the character to explode upon impact.
  • Reverse movement: This type of challenge can be confusing because it affects your character’s controls. Furthermore, they can also change continuously at the same level in an extremely short segment.
  • More than a game: There are a series of other dangers that only you can find the solution to through thrilling gameplay rounds. Every victory depends entirely on your patience and top navigation skills!

Control Your Character

Controlling the character in Level Devil is extremely simple: use the arrow keys. However, to have the most accurate operations, you definitely need a lot of time to get used to and master them. Along with that, each reasonable key combination is also the key to opening the door to glory through each spectacular segment. In addition, the character’s movement characteristics in some game rounds also change. Abnormal gravity can make each jump or movement of the character more difficult to control. Therefore, you need to focus on quickly and flexibly adapting to any incident.

Moreover, at some levels, the command keys will change functions. For example, you can use the up arrow to make spikes jump up. This feature only appears in certain rounds of play, requiring players to be observant to detect and master.

To Overcome All Lurking Traps

Because you cannot know in advance what pitfalls await you, you can only try to test them. The first strategy is “lose-to-win”. That's right, you have to fail a few times to explore every danger in the level and figure out how to solve them all one by one. The tactical diversity in each trial requires the player's extreme logic and sharp reactions. At the same time, you absolutely should not be hasty, because that mentality will only get you into more trouble.

One feature of Level Devil that you can take advantage of as an accessibility aid is “Skip Level”. When you fail a few rounds, this feature will appear in the upper-right corner of the game screen. To activate, just click on the skip icon and watch a short ad.

However, to make this adventure outstanding, you should not abuse this skip feature. Instead, why not try checking out the gameplay of more professional players with the help of a few instructional walkthroughs? You can learn the gameplay and how to overcome challenges from professionals and test your own abilities. After all, overcoming it on your own will feel more satisfying and exciting!

Expand Your Journey through Impossible Platforms

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Embark on a virtual-world journey filled with endless exploration and endlessly varied gameplay. Get ready to become the number-one adventurer with your own unique experiences. No matter how many times you participate, the ultimate goal is still to conquer the game and, more importantly, the enjoyable entertainment factor. Ready, set, and begin!