Level Devil
Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask

Explore the mysterious Tomb Of The Mask! Your journey through procedurally generated mazes and collecting treasures is waiting for you.

Tomb Of The Mask is a platform game combined with adventure and logic puzzle elements. Acumen in terrain analysis is the key to unlocking glorious victory in each level of this game. The breathtaking journey of a small character in closed cellars will become more thrilling than ever with top dashes.

How To Play

The Challenges in Mazes

Tomb Of The Mask's maze-like maps have countless dangers ready to explode your character. Your task is to navigate this little character to collect all the food and stars on the map to open the door. The door to another level only opens when you have a collection with all the required items.

Some common obstacles are spikes. You can encounter clusters of permanent spikes, temporary ice spikes, and spikes that grow as the character moves through. In addition, strange creatures will also hinder the main entity's progress towards the finish line. Every challenge is a real test for the analytical skills and smart tactical thinking of all types of players.

Maneuver the Character

First of all, remember that the main character can only land on a spikeless fulcrum to safely continue. Each dash requires caution because it can affect subsequent moves. To control this character, players only need to use the arrow keys.