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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Relive the classic fun of Super Mario Bros! Let’s stomp the way through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

Super Mario Bros is Mario's glorious journey on his journey to rescue the beautiful princess. You will enter the mushroom kingdom of the virtual world, which is suffering from a scary curse. The enemy has turned good creatures into dangerous villains. Players playing the role of Mario need to try to avoid dangers through each level to explore the mystical world and find a way to rescue the princess.

How To Play

The Detailed Gameplay

To start the game, you can choose either Mario or Luigi. The gameplay is simple but engaging. With just a few buttons, you can control your character to jump, run, and kick enemies' heads. Although simple, the gameplay is extremely charming and gives a sense of satisfaction when overcoming obstacles and enemies.

Players will adventure through green fields, dark caves and dangerous castles. Each level in Super Mario Bros offers a new and attractive experience. Each area has its own characteristics and challenges, so players never feel bored.

One of the most attractive features of this platform game is the number of hidden secrets. From hidden bricks containing coins and secret areas to pipes leading to other levels, players always have a reason to explore and search.

How to Maneuver

  • Move: the arrow or the WASD keys.
  • Fire or Sprint: the Shift or the Ctrl keys.