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Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars

Get ready to dash into action with Sonic Superstars! Join Sonic and his friends on thrilling adventures, race through iconic zones, and defeat the evil.

Sonic Superstars introduces the gaming world to a platforming challenge where exceptional speed and magical adventure combine to create the ultimate title! Prepare yourself to immerse yourself in a colorful and fascinating world with Sonic and his breathtaking spins.

How To Play

The Engaging Gameplay

What are the challenges of experiencing unique yet new gameplay? You will glide through diverse levels, from fresh forests and fiery volcanoes to mysterious futuristic cities. Each segment is meticulously designed, containing unique and surprising challenges. Take advantage of Sonic's supersonic speed to overcome obstacles and collect golden rings. This endless journey will challenge your speed of improvisation and sharpness of mind. If you are not focused, you will not be able to detect hidden dangers to avoid.

Jump and Dash with Sonic

You will not be able to manage the character's movement speed. Instead, your main task is to control Sonic to spin and jump. Sonic can perform consecutive jumps without touching the ground to gain momentum. Besides the complex platforms, you also need to pay attention to flying creatures and enemies that appear suddenly.

The amount of golden rings stored in each turn will be the condition to unlock new characters, Sonic's friends.