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Robo Exit

Robo Exit

Guide your robot to freedom in Robo Exit! Solve puzzles, avoid hazards, and find the exit in each level of this engaging and clever platformer.

Robo Exit is a platform game that challenges every player's ultimate dexterity. Surely you will have a hard time getting through the maps in this game. Besides, the character's unique movement characteristics are also a puzzle that is not easy to maneuver. You and the smart robot will escape technological mazes with a series of traps and difficult puzzles.

How To Play

Explore the Gameplay

Robo Exit offers an engaging gameplay experience with meticulously designed and creative levels. Each level is a complex maze full of obstacles and puzzles that you need to solve. You will have to use logical thinking, quick reflexes and keen observation to help your robot escape each challenge. Your task is to guide the main character to collect the key to open the door to the next level. Each jump is a heart-stopping moment because you can lose control of the key press. Although the sharp spikes cannot move, they can cause your robot to crumble and lose.

Jumping with a Robot

You just need to click on any point on the screen to control the robot's gentle jumps. The ability to choose when to press the key is pushed to a new level with gameplay that couldn't be more thrilling. If you get too stuck in a level, you can select the "skip" feature on the tape icon in the upper right corner of the screen.