Level Devil
Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo will push you into a whimsical world. Can you help Runmo overcome obstacles in this charming and unique adventure platformer?

Little Runmo is ready to challenge genius adventurers with unique platform gameplay. You will accompany a cute character who is searching for mysteries in a beautiful virtual world. The lush green hills and mountains contain many unbelievable dangers. Besides dexterity, players need to concentrate to detect obstacles to avoid and valuable items to collect.

How To Play


Little Runmo offers a great gameplay experience with sophisticated and diversely designed levels. You will have to overcome difficult obstacles, solve difficult puzzles and fight evil enemies. Each level is designed to challenge the player's reflexes and thinking abilities while bringing a unique sense of fun and humor. You can collect hidden items, unlock secrets, and discover hidden stories in every corner of the world of Little Runmo.

Maneuver Your Character

You control the character using the arrow keys. Note some unique terrains with different properties. Your character may encounter problems if you are not careful with the erratic design of the map. At the same time, avoiding or directly confronting the enemy is also a choice that needs to be resolved quickly.