Level Devil
Upside Down

Upside Down

Experience platforming from a new perspective in Upside Down! Get ready to join mind-bending levels where gravity flips!

Upside Down opens up a dynamic cube's continuous gravity-upsetting adventure. You will get lost in an enchanting upside-down world and participate in challenges for gamers who are passionate about exploring. In this action platformer, you will follow the main character on his journey to find a way to save the world from chaos.

How To Play

Understand the Gameplay

Upside Down offers a unique gameplay experience with creatively designed and constantly changing levels. The world in the game is always upside down, challenging your ability to adapt and react. You will face complex obstacles in different terrain and on coin-collecting missions. A rich item system and hidden secrets will help you unlock new abilities, giving depth and undeniable appeal to each level.

Players will take turns going through 40 levels, from easy to extremely difficult. You need to have a specific strategy, or you can try many different options for a certain segment. As long as you can win, don't be afraid to diversify your strategies until you find the answer to unlock the next level.

Control the Cube

The main character in this game is a red cube. You maneuver this entity using the arrow keys. To rotate the map, just press the Shift key. Remember to collect every coin to complete your conquest!